Introduction to Pinterest

Pinterest is changing the way wedding professionals do business.  I think there are two ways to deal with this.  We can embrace it or run from it.  I think all wedding professionals, not just photographers, have a sense of pride in their work and how they choose to run their business.

DSCF2043It’s important to remember that even though we think our visions are the best, the day is not about us.  Brides have had a vision in their heads about their wedding day long before they hired us.  At the same time, they hired us for a reas

on.  They obviously like our style, work, and personalities.  It’s important to come up with original ideas at every wedding and create beautiful products that we vision.  It is equally important to re-create the visions in the brides head.

I love when clients send me ideas that they have.  It use to be shots out of a magazine, and now they can show me their Pinterest page.  I love to learn about how they anticipate the day, as well as learning their styles.  I always try to put a unique twist on images, so that it is original to them, but still gives them the look and feel that they were looking for.


Check out our Pinterest page at:


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