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Destination Weddings

I have been torn lately with how I feel about destination weddings.  Do brides truly understand the pros and cons to them?  I had my first experience with one back in February and I thought it was amazing.  That being said, there were parts of it that I overlooked.  I was quite surprised by how the total cost was very similar to a traditional wedding.  Obviously, the size of your wedding is greatly reduced.  If one were to have a traditional local wedding, they pure number of guests that are willing to attend will greatly increase a budget.  Extra costs are affected at the reception when there is usually a price per head for dinner.   Also, at a destination wedding, guests generally pay their own way.  They are more willing to do this because they obviously get more out of it, a vacation.  The cost of a honeymoon is no longer an added expense either.  The wedding, reception, and honeymoon are all rolled into one final price. 


Obviously, there are two sides to every story.  Not everyone that one may want at their wedding will be able to make it.  The reception is not quite the normal party that we think about when we think about all the good times we have experienced at past receptions.  Finally, your honeymoon is more about spending time with family and friends instead of celebrating a new life together with your significant other.  



Obviously when one travels to a specific destination, they will receive beautiful views as well as great weather.  But, what happens when the weather does not go as planned?  Certain destinations are not accustomed to foul weather as much as we are.  Therefore, they really do not have a solid backup plan for bad weather.  Most local weddings that would be affected by weather do have backup plans that they have utilized successfully many times.  Also, beaches have one thing that I believe a lot of newly engaged overlook.  High winds are normal on the beach.  This can create difficulties that many of us forget about. 


I think destination weddings are an amazing fit for the right couple, but definitely not for everybody.  I hope that couples seek advice when thinking about planning a wedding at a far away venue to ensure it’s the right decision for them. 


How does this all tie in to what I do?  Check back real soon for a piece on how destination weddings affect the photography?  It may be different than what you expect.



Pushing My Style

I photographed an engagement session last night that I was pleasantly surprised with how much fun I had.  This client approached me before the session and described a real vintage feel that she was trying to achieve.  This is definitely different then my natural style which is very modern with bright bold colors.  I pride myself on being able to change my style to give every client the unique look that they are looking for, but still adding a little creative twist from me.  I studied hard for this session and the clients picked a beautiful location at Evergreen Lake.  It was the first time I was there and I certainly hope I will be back soon.  After looking for inspiration for a vintage look in everything I saw, I feel like I successfully gave a unique look that will make these clients love their images.  It also opened up new doors and hopefully broadened my portfolio to a point where I can attract new personalties of clients.  I really owe a big thank you to these clients for trusting that I could successfully create something truly different then my norm and hopefully future clients will do the same.  Keep an eye out on Facebook ( in the next day or two for a few images from this session.  

One of my Favorites


This is one of my all time favorite images.  It was taken in downtown Dexter, MI in 2008.  This pose has been very difficult for me.  It’s one of the poses that I see in my head and it is very difficult to put into words to have clients re-create it.  Funny story with this image, is I was trying to describe it and Janelle says, “Oh I think I know what you mean.”  She did this and my jaw dropped and I told her not to move.  It was perfect, almost as if she had been practicing it before her wedding.  I still use this pose from time to time, but this was the first one that I really got the image to match what I saw in my head.  Nobody quite hits the nail on the head quite like Janelle did that summer evening.  It remains one of the poses that I have a hard time putting into words, and I hate showing it, because trust me….I don’t look good doing it.  That’s the great thing about what I do.  It challenges me, and its one of those things you can never be perfect at.  You can always take chances and sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t, but if I keep taking them, eventually I’ll get it right one summer evening an I will be a better photographer for it.  Same thing with life…we should keep taking chances until we succeed, and eventually we will be better people for it. – Travis