Monthly Archives: April 2012

Just arrived in Colorado

After spending, the first 27 years of my life in Michigan, and the last 5 running my photography business there, I have decided to move everything to Denver.  It feels like a high risk with a high reward.  I hope my business flourishes in Denver as I was on the brink of really taking off in the Lansing, MI market.  I know things will be difficult at first.  Not just with my photography, but also with life.  Being so far from all my family and all the friends I have had will take some getting use to.  As far as the photography, so much of my business is word of mouth.  Honestly, who wants to hire a photographer without a referral.  We will get to more on that topic at a later date.  I am really going to try to bring a custom experience to Denver.  Custom packages and custom images.  I think once I get a few clients out here, I can really offer them a different photography experience then what they are accustomed to and hopefully a new chapter will open up in both of our lives. – Travis